Happy Floor. The app that looks after your Pelvic Floor

Happy Floor makes Pelvic Floor exercises less boring with audio guided exercises and video tutorials.

Looking after your Pelvic Health shouldn't be so boring

Keep yourself motivated and engaged with our Pelvic Floor Exercises. You can follow our rich audio guided exercises, use Smart Checkups, Reminders, Motivating Goals and Symptom Guides to improve your Pelvic Floor Habits.

20+ Audio Guided Exercises

From absolute beginners to advanced, we've carefully crafted over 20+ audio guided exercises to help you get into the groove.

Video Sessions

Don't know your prolapse from your elbow? Our short videos explain each topic in a friendly, easy to understand way and we highlight the exercises you should be focussing on.

Who we are

  • Abi Unwin-Smith

    Author, Actor, Yoga Teacher

    Working as a yoga teacher and massage therapist for the best part of a decade, I’ve really come to appreciate the impact our psychology has on our physical well being and visa versa. In order to address one you really need to address the other. My hope is that the happy floor programme can not only vastly improve your pelvic health but also promote a more intelligent and compassionate relationship with the body.

  • Daniel Morgan

    Software Developer

    I started coding Happy Floor after my mother struggled with her Pelvic Health. With many years experience developing apps, I knew we could make a better experience than was currently available.

You're one step closer to a stronger Pelvic Floor and a more confident self